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 Кисаме Хошикаге

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Кисаме Хошикаге   Нед Яну 25, 2009 8:44 am

Страна: Скритото село на мъглата
Години: 42
Височина: 195 cm
Тегло: 83.1 kg
Ранк:Джоунин (Мисинг - нин)

Kisame's personality is not that of a 'kind man'. His attitude is not that of a 'good guy'. Kisame is like a shark in more ways than just a appearance. He is one in personality as well. The terrifying Akatsuki member keeps a sneer on his face. An immense Blood Lust and love of battle flows through him. Kisame enjoys a good battle and prefers to do things in the rougher way that what would be considered the easier or normal way, taking pleasure in mutilating his victims. Due to this, Kisame can come off as rather over-confident on battle. There isn't a lot of people that he likes, but a small amount of Shinobi have his respect. Despite his blood thirsty nature, he does speak like a gentleman. He gets along considerably better with Itachi than most Akatsuki members do with their own partners, immediately doing as Itachi asks of him and always looking out for Itachi's well-being.

Not much is known about the life of Hoshigaki Kisame before he entered the ranks of the Akatsuki. He once was a shinobi from Kirigakure no Sato, a Shinobi Village in Mizu no Kuni. While a Kirinin, he had the nickname "Scourge of the Hidden Mist". But the most well known fact about him is that he was once a member of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shы (Seven Swordsman of the Hidden Mist) along with Momochi Zabuza and Kurosuki Raiga. The members of the Seven Swordsman were said to be the most powerful shinobi in all of Kirigakure no Sato. They are distinguished by their affinity for Suiton jutsu and their use of large or unique swords.

Later on in his life, Kisame had decided that being a member of the Shinobigatana would not satisfy his thirst for power. He left the group, being the first member to do so, after he attempted to assassinate several Daimyo's of his own country. After the assassination attempt he left his country behind and became a Nukenin. This led to him joining the ranks of the mysterious organization known as Akatsuki.

After turning his back on Kirigakure no Sato to join Akatsuki, Nagato partnered Kisame with the infamous Uchiha Itachi. Unlike most of the other teams in Akatsuki, he and Itachi got along quite well. As a member of Akatsuki he was assigned to the capture of Sokou the Yonbi (four-tailed demon) which was currently sealed inside of an elderly man of a currently unknown location while his partner Itachi was given the Kyuubi sealed inside of Uzumaki Naruto of the leaf nation. Since Kisame and Itachi were currently unaware of the location of the elderly man who acted as a host for Sokou, they decided it best to go after the Kyuubi first.

In search of Itachi's target the Kyuubi, Kisame and Itachi went to Konoha to locate the one known as Uzumaki Naruto and capture him. Once they did this, he would be brought back to the Akatsuki leader where his Bijuu would be extracted. Unfortunately upon arriving there they discovered that the young Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi had already left the village on a special mission. Instead, Kisame and Itachi ended up in a confrontation by three Konoha Jōnin. They were the Jōnin sensei of the Rookie Nine; Hatake Kakashi, Sarutobi Asuma and Yūhi Kurenai.

After deciding that the confrontation with the Konoha Jōnin was an utter waste of time, Itachi and Kisame left the village. The picked back up on their search for the boy who housed the Kyuubi. Not long after leaving Konoha, Kisame and Itachi caught up with the Kyuubi jinchuuriki and made an attempt to capture him. Unfortunately their plans had been interupted by the legendary Jiraiya and another younger boy who Kisame didn't know. Kisame learned about the boy Itachi had left alive in the massacre of his clan, Uchiha Sasuke. After watching Itachi deal with Sasuke and deciding that they had enough information for the time being, Kisame followed Itachi as they fled from Jiraiya.

For the next three years after the confrontation with the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Kisame and his partner Itachi carried out missions for Nagato in preparation for the hiss extraction technique. Not long after the technique was ready Deidara, another Akatsuki member captured his target and Kisame was called on to perform the extraction technique. During this technique Kisame was asked by Nagato to give him 30% of his chakra that he could use to create a replica of Kisame to stall Team Gai's attempts to rescue Gaara, the Ichibi Jinchuuriki. Although it was only 30% of his chakra, due to his abnormally large amount of chakra it was still just as much as Naruto when he called upon the Kyuubi's power during his fight in the chuunin exam. Despite this, the fight ended in the defeat of his copy, even though Gai had to unleash the first Six Gates of Hachimon. They had succeeded in delaying Team Gai and Ichibi was extracted. Itachi and Kisame then took their leave to continue their work for the Akatsuki.

Оръжие :

[Шарк кожата]
Това дълго, главата cleaving ножа е основното оръжие на Hoshigaki Kisame. Този меч напомня Zabuza ножът, освен това по дължината на острието са акула кожата везни, които служат за откъснете от плътта на жертвата се обърна против. Kisame натрупан това оръжие, като член на Mist Седем swordsmen, елитен отряд нинджа на скритата Mist селото. Когато Kisame побягнаха си село, той донесе този меч заедно с него. Той запазва способността за празника на чакра. Той е показал, че чакра абсорбиране способностите на неговия меч, са контролирани от неговата воля, както и е в състояние да поглъща големи количества чакра в самото heartbeats. Samehada не допуска никой друг освен Kisame да го притежавам. Ако, притежавани от друго лице, той ще се излъчват шпайкове и се опитват да се върнат към Kisame. Мечът на пълния обхват от чакра усвояване е м във всяка посока от това е острието.

Атаки :

Suiton • Goshokuzame
[Water Release • Five Sharks Eating]
Kisame will form the needed hand seals and then place his hand to the surface of the water. A shark of condensed water will emerge from each of his fingers to attack his opponent who is in the water below.


Suiton: Teppoudama – Water Bullet


Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu - Grand Waterfall Technique


Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu
[Water Clone Technique]
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to create a Bunshin clone. Unlike a normal Bunshin, the Mizu Bunshin has the ability to interact more with the environment due to it having physical substance. This allows the clone to carry out limited attacks on its target. The range of the clone is limited however, it can not travel very far from the original body. If the Mizu Bunshin is injured, the clone will usually revert back into its natural water state.


Suiton • Baku Suishōha
[Bursting Water Collision Waves]
Suiton • Baku Suishōha is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the needed handseals, Kisame will expel water from his gullet. This will then expand into a large volume of water. Being from the Water Country, Kisame is at home with this type of jutsu. He can control the water by riding on top of the waves.


Suiton • Suijinheki

A Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The ninja will first do a string of hand seals and then proceed to blow out a jet of water from their mouth to act as a water barrier from incoming attack.


Suiton • Suikōdan no Jutsu
[Water Shark Projectile Technique]
Suiton • Suikōdan no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The ninja does a string of hand seals which then causes a column of water to rise from the water and then strike their target.


Suirō no Jutsu
[Water Prison Technique]
Suirō no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to imprison an opponent. The ninja forms the necessary hand seals which causes the water to form around the target into a spherical prison which only allows for limited movement. The ninja must keep their body touching the water prison to maintain its existence. If the contact is broken, the water falls away and their target is released. When combined with a bunshin technique, the ninja can imprison their target but still allow for a clone to attack others nearby.


Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu
[Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique]
A powerful attack that creates a huge current of water in the shape of a dragon, which is sent towards the opponent. Except when used by extremely powerful ninja, this jutsu can only be done when in or near a body of water.
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Неджи Хюга

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Кисаме Хошикаге   Нед Яну 25, 2009 8:56 am

Аве Брат Ми и ти ЛИ кАцНА ТУКА??
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Итачи Учиха
S-ранг Издирвано шиноби
S-ранг Издирвано шиноби

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Кисаме Хошикаге   Нед Яну 25, 2009 9:25 am

Одобрен си,бъди редовен и се забавлявай ; )

RoNaLd0 iS tHe b3sT -

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Кисаме Хошикаге   

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Кисаме Хошикаге
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